Part II
Full Maude

21 Full Maude: Extending Core Maude
 21.1 Running Full Maude
 21.2 Using Core Maude modules in Full Maude
 21.3 Additional module operations in Full Maude
 21.4 Moving up and down between reflection levels
 21.5 Ax-coherence completion
 21.6 Differences between Full Maude and Core Maude
22 Object-Oriented Modules
 22.1 Object-oriented systems
 22.2 Example: a rent-a-car store
 22.3 Object-oriented parameterized programming
 22.4 Module operations on object-oriented modules
 22.5 Example: extended rent-a-car store
 22.6 A strategy for sequential rule execution
 22.7 Model checking a round-robin scheduling algorithm
 22.8 From object-oriented modules to system modules